Work From Home (WFH) for a call center demands robust connectivity at each employee’s home, allowing them to make calls and collaborate with their teams with ease. MyOpla’ challenge was in ensuring that each of its 600+ employees connectivity was good enough to support operations remotely. Also, it was important to understand how the use of VPN is impacting the performance of its applications when accessed from home. MyOpla leveraged the MOZARK platform to make measurements of connectivity at its employee’s homes and was able to achieve high productivity in WFH.


MOZARK helped measure each employee’s connectivity by collecting measurements from mobiles with its 5GMARK Fleet Tool –

  • 5GMARK App was installed in each employee’s phones to assess network experience on cellular and Wi-Fi networks at their workstation at home
  • Measurements were made at a click of a button; pre-configured test scripts would run and collected data were transferred to a centralized server for analytics and reporting
  • MyOpla viewed insights on connectivity through MOZARK’s FLEET reporting suite and drew actionable insights
  • MOZARK also tested the VPN and its impact on the performance of MyOpla’s applications


After geo-locating and identifying the connectivity that each of its employees experienced, MyOpla was able to tag each of its employee’s into good, average and poor in terms of connectivity and take corrective actions to manage performance. Calls to average zones were directed only during non-busy hours while calls to poor zones were re-directed elsewhere until their issues were fixed.

MyOpla was also able to optimize its VPN to ensure that the impact of it on the applications is minimal.

By ensuring a seamless experience to its employees, MyOpla was able to enforce the principle of WFH with ease and keep operations smooth as ever.

Experience is All

Perfect connectivity anywhere and anytime is a major challenge not only for consumers, enterprises and public entities but also for mission critical situations that will be powered by new age technologies such as 5G and IoT. Mozark’s connectivity experience platform that is aimed at measuring, diagnosing, and enhancing connectivity QoE.

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