Ever reducing test cycles has made Automation Testing is a necessity. However, automation testing is not just about testing for functionality and performance but testing whether user experience is at par the customer expectations. We at MOZARK believe, as a Tester, it is important to focus on Experience testing as much as it is important to focus on functionality and performance.

With this objective in mind, we launched QAppAssure, a first in the line of a series of App Testing product that we intend to launch over the next 3 months. Our automation testing platform gives you access to a wide range of real devices on-cloud and on-field, distributed across multiple cities around the world and connected to real cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Because as they say, what is real testing if not done on real devices in real conditions?

Along with introducing QAppAssure, we are also excited to launch QAppathon, our Global Automation Testing contest, where all automation app testers are invited to test their skills and win exciting prizes!

The challenge is simple – you need to write an Appium script that measures the time to load the home page of your app or any of your favorite apps using the QAppAssure platform.

The competition is open to all and free to register, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign up to QAppAssure.
  2. Write an Appium script to measure the time to load home page of your app.
  3. Run the script on at least 10 devices across the QAppAssure device cloud.
  4. Ensure a minimum of 50 test runs.
  5. Send in the logs and a brief description of your test methodology to aquamark-support@mozark.ai with ‘QAppathon’ as the email subject.

The fastest 10 testers to send in their results will win prizes worth $200 and also get an Appium Tester Certification from MOZARK. The competition closes soon, so hurry up and get started today. We look forward to you becoming part of the MOZARK Testing community!

In case you face difficulties in registering, please reach out to us at aquamark-support@mozark.ai

Written By

Anmol Chaturvedi