How to use Operations Console

Shows how Operations Console can be used.

How to diagnose App Experience?

Shows how to use performance and diagnostics sections of App Experience Dashboard

API Interception with App Interact

Shows how to do API Interception using App Interact

How to write scripts & add log results

Mobile Automation Testing

Testing user journeys on digital applications help ensure a seamless and bug-free app experience. These tests can be fully automated on MOZARK. Our platform helps report all test cases at an integrated dashboard. Watch this tutorial to learn how to write scripts and add log results on MOZARK’s Functional Testing portal.

How to run a manual test

Debugging your app in real-time

Increasing user’s engagement on digital applications is an integral part of upgrading app experience. MOZARK’s platform interacts with apps on real devices through our cloud interface and fixes bugs in apps like 3rd party API calls and SDKs, memory leaks and unoptimized battery consumption and janky frames on apps.

How to run an automated functional test

Elevate app functionality

Ensuring digital applications solve user’s needs is vital to the overall app experience. MOZARK’s App Functional tests apps on real devices across 30+ cities to ensure a bug-free release. Manage all test cases and reports from a uniform and integrated dashboard. Watch this tutorial to learn how to run automated tests using the MOZARK platform.

How to measure app experience

Driving growth with digital experience

Delivering the best user journey is the ultimate objective of a digital application. To elevate this experience, MOZARK’s platform helps scan apps without any code or SDK integrations. By testing in various network conditions, our platform identifies 3rd party integrations that slow down your apps. Watch this tutorial to learn how to measure app experience using the MOZARK platform.

How to perform experience testing on MOZARK

Providing a seamless and bug-free user experience is the primary objective of all apps. Use MOZARK’s App Experience to perform experience focused testing on your apps and identify issues that are impacting experience. Watch this tutorial to learn how to perform experience testing using MOZARK.