The growing adoption of smartphones coupled with internet penetration among developing and developed economies is influencing the growth of global online market. On top of it, mobile app release cycles are getting shorter. It is very much evident from the below chart on how the mobile app release cycles are getting shorter across different categories of apps.

Figure 1: Median days between apps updates across different app categories (Source:

As per the data, the apps are targeting a regular one to two-week cycle of updates, with follow up fixes, as necessary. Many apps are updated at least once a month, and it is not unusual for apps to release an update every week.
With such rapid changes, it becomes prudent for the mobile app owners to ensure a consistent bottom line by providing quality user experience to their customers and by not attracting any kind of negative reviews on the app store or any of the online platforms as is the case here.
The more features you build into your product, the more bugs you are guaranteed to inadvertently create and feel obligated to fix. And continuous testing pre-launch and post-launch is key to reduce customer complaints and bad reviews of your product. You can test your product by using Mozark’s Application Testing Platform. It assists QA community in dealing with single interface by integrating test case management tool, issue management portal and CI/CD server. The shortening release cycles necessitates regression testing. Testers are supposed to do regression tests to ensure that there are no new bugs and the functionalities are working as required across a wide spectrum of devices for which the integration of CI/CD tools with the test environment is essential.

With Mozark’s Application Testing Platform, you can configure a default set of tests on a test bed of devices every time a build gets released. Moreover, Mozark’s Application Testing Platform gives you the flexibility to integrate issue management tools such as JIRA, testcase management tools such as TestRail with CI/CD easily with a ready set of APIs and hence acts as an Integration Test Management tool. You can analyze further by watching the videos of your test runs on different devices in your tray, by capturing logcats, pcaps and by going through insights based on devices and builds.
So, crunching release cycles are no more a nightmare with Mozark’s Application Testing Platform as it simplifies regression testing for the QA community and ensures a bug free release. This is the time to map out all the defects using such tools and keep all sorts of customer complaints and bad reviews at an arm’s length.

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Neha Gupta & Sourabh Chowdhury