Connected devices such as smartphones have been growing significantly in number, transforming our every day lives. High quality connectivity is a must to ensure a great experience. One of the French provinces realized that to provide a good quality of life in this connected world, ensuring a high quality of connectivity is a must. In order to drive the telecom operators to invest in improving connectivity, they leveraged the QoE insights provided by the MOZARK platform.


MOZARK helped monitor connectivity across cities, villages, and various places of interest by crowdsourcing measurement data using its 5GMARK tool

  • Public institutions from the roadways, railways, commerce, energy, and hotel industry and also a consortium of villages measured data extensively.
  • Self-measuring kits with multiple devices, supporting both cellular and Wi-Fi were deployed.
  • Customized white label version of 5GMARK was developed for the province for crowdsourcing.
  • Extensive drive tests were carried out by the institution’s and MOZARK’s engineers.
  • Data was collected continuously and analyzed to create barometer reports.


Quality of experience was analyzed building by building, which were identified based on their importance across the country in a matter of days. Such an in-depth analysis allowed the provincial government to setup a win-win collaborative program with the telecom operators to identify critical areas for connectivity improvement and help move the province towards being truly connected and develop smart cities.

Experience is All

Perfect connectivity anywhere and anytime is a major challenge not only for consumers, enterprises and public entities but also for mission critical situations that will be powered by new age technologies such as 5G and IoT. Mozark’s connectivity experience platform that is aimed at measuring, diagnosing, and enhancing connectivity QoE.

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