People are hooked to their digital devices more than ever as they play a vital role in remote collaboration, education or Infotainment, all digitally. Globally, we continue to witness a significant growth in smartphone penetration which has opened more doors for the economy and businesses to thrive.

As MOZARK Implements its vision of assisting enterprises deliver the best connected experience to their customers, we are moving towards expanding our device footprint in Asia that will provide a shot in the arm for enterprises looking to increase customer satisfaction by enhancing digital experience. This expansion comes at the behest of rigorous efforts as MOZARK is deploying large number of devices across Asia-Pacific that will enable companies to generate well-grounded and accurate test measurements that shall allow them to review their applications’ functionality, usability, and consistency to Identify potential failure points that are leading to poor experience.

The expansion comes In line with MOZARK’S launch in South East Asia as we penetrate these markets by adding more devices in Singapore, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur In addition to locations across the Philippines, including Manila.

Apart from the scale up in South East Asia, MOZARK covers the largest number of locations in India and continues to optimize presence in South East Asia. In India, testing devices are stationed across 12 different locations, which includes Metros, Tier 1, and Tier 2 cities, to provide pan-India coverage across the major regions of the country.

Locations covered by MOZARK’s global device cloud as of August 2020

Device footprint expansion is only our first step in fulfilling our brand promise of providing a great connected experience. We are also keen to cover communities that have a sizable user-base of customers, which makes device, network and application assessment more critical.

Advantages of the expanded device cloud for your business

  • Increase market share through expansion of coverage
    According to StatCounter, android accumulated 83.08% of the market share in Asia, leaving the 16.92% shared across iOS and other mobile operating systems. The majority of MOZARK’s testing devices are Android (Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi) which cater to a higher percentage of the market. This enables businesses to get better insights to make their apps as flawless as possible and more usable for a larger segment of users. Leveraging MOZARK’s device cloud, businesses can test en-masse grow their market potentially by 50.14%.
  • Gain competitive advantage through benchmarking against peers
    If you want your app to be customer’s first choice, you need to prove that you’re app fares better against competitors. This can be achieved by using UX Analytics that allows apps to benchmark against peers. The large device cloud allows Apps to compare their performance with their competitors on hundreds of different device and network combinations. Apps can also get Insights on their network architectures and Identify the best practices In Implementing a robust architecture that deliver better experience than peers.
  • Boost overall growth through testing in multiple conditions
    Having the capability to monitor your application in different environments will let you identify room for improvement in the user experience (UX). Every application is aiming to expand customer base and regularly upgrade its system. The data generated by MOZARK’s automated testing platforms can help sustain your application’s quality and support its scalability, supplying relevant insights to execute upcoming app innovations and updates.

How does increasing device footprint help Apps perform better?

  • Conduct tests in different conditions
    One-size-fits-all approach might not sit well with application testing. The best way to measure your app’s competence is to run several test cycles across multiple devices connected to real networks. Some locations are prone to network failures, and you will need to examine critical aspects along multiple network types. With our devices planted in key cities, connected to mobile data and Wi-Fi, it would be easier for testers to remotely run automated testing cycles which can save you more time and be more convenient as opposed to on field testing. This will help save on QA costs as well as reduce time to take a new build live In the app stores.
  • Perform compatibility tests
    Each device has their own characteristics like RAM, CPU, GPU and battery life. These functions may affect the overall In-app experience- causing the app to work flawlessly in android phones but not in iOS or vice versa. Automated testing can remotely diagnose and efficiently evaluate the application’s compatibility in various device type under different environment.

In general, device cloud expansion allows enterprises to test on more diverse conditions, prepare release cycles better, and get ready for all anomalies because fixing those is the challenging part. Even if the app works well most of the time, customers will always remember the substandard app performance. In parallel, poor experience automatically results higher app churn rate which could lead to an app’s death.

We at MOZARK believe that through the expansion of our device cloud, we will be able to provide better assistance to businesses in growing their app’s potential. As we extend our device cloud in Asia, we target to improve connected experiences by ensuring that the three digital components – device, app and network – are working in unison.

Expect more network improvements and launches in progress as we continue to penetrate our network reach to deliver more advanced methods that will monitor and improve the digital experience of our customers.

Let this widespread footprint allow MOZARK to serve you better!

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Written By

Anmol Chaturvedi