As Globe prepares for the 5G era, creating a framework to improve real user experience becomes critical. Operators have focused on technical metrics such as throughputs and latencies; nevertheless, these do not reflect how a user perceives the network, driven by app performance within it. Thus, how quickly a Netflix app opens, or a video load, creates a stronger perception of the network than its actual throughput.

With 5G, several low latencies and high bandwidth applications are expected to be launched; hence, building the capability to measure real app experience on the network is critical. Globe collects several terabytes of data in its data lake to analyze its performance: now, it has added continuous synthetic measurements of apps on its network correlated to user perception and experience.

To do so, Globe has partnered with MOZARK, a Singapore-based startup that has developed an innovative solution to synthetically measure mobile app performance continuously. It does so by building a pan-national device farm, both static and mobile, where real user journeys are scripted into bots and run continuously. AI/ML is then used to collect and analyze data to generate proper user experience metrics. Such metrics are then correlated with underlying network KPIs to further optimize the network. MOZARK is building the largest geographically distributed device farm across South East Asia to enable enterprises to understand their end user experience better.

Commenting on the partnership, Cris Crisostomo, VP for Service Management, Network from Globe stated: “Globe is committed to providing perceptible improvements in network experience to our customers. It is this mission that drove us to partner with MOZARK. End user experience is a function of not just a well-performing network but also a well-architected app. By creating a common set of measures across networks and apps, MOZARK’s platform helps to monitor, test, and optimize the Globe service in a seamless digital experience.”

Our solution, which allows both networks and apps to have a common view of user experience, is the first of its kind in the industry. We hope Globe and mobile application developers in the Philippines more broadly can benefit from our monitoring platform,” declared Dion Asencio, CEO of MOZARK, APAC.

We are proud to have partnered with Globe since 2021 to provide a holistic view of end-user experience and set up a monitoring platform well suited to the 5G era,” expressed Kartik Raja, CEO of MOZARK.

With the quality of daily lifestyle determined by the quality of digital experiences, such a framework bringing network and apps together will go a long way in improving the digital experience in the Philippines.

MOZARK, works with large telcos, enterprises such as OTTs, banks and FinTech to measure the quality of end user experience of their apps on mobiles, kiosks, living room devices such as smart TV, STBs and gaming consoles. All the measurements are done synthetically, thus enabling enterprises to benchmark their end user experience against peers. Enterprises can understand the impact of external factors such as poor networks, low end devices, content delivery networks and other 3rd party integrations on their app performance.