The Covid-19 global pandemic has forced a sea of changes in the Media and Entertainment industry as people prefer to or rather are forced to stay indoors. Within the confines of their home, they consume media on their favorite OTT app. This is evident from the fact that the OTT media industry saw a colossal rise in revenue and subscriber rate over the past year. As the OTT media continues to grow, people have become invested in finding solutions to improve their viewing experience. With the temporary closure of movie and live show theaters, the ability to view content on a variety of platforms has expanded. New devices are entering the market to bring OTT videos at the viewer’s fingertips.

Streaming on mobile devices is handier, thanks to its mobility, and is thus the ideal platform for binging media on OTT apps. As the lockdown intensified, the use of OTT Apps on non-mobile devices also increased exponentially as some viewers preferred watching shows and movies on the big-screen, the HD-connected TVs. Streaming got way cooler with the popularization of media streaming boxes and sticks like Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TVs, and Digital TV Boxes. These media streaming devices saw increased sales in the last 2 years and are forecasted to grow further in 2022. Even gaming apps come pre-installed on these platforms and are not limited to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Thus, testing your apps on non-mobile devices should be a key component of your app testing strategy.

High quality user experience across all device types is your most definite way to increase app’s success rate and win more subscribers.

If apps are not good enough to serve their functional and non-functional purposes in identified devices, there might be a problem in delivering the best UX. The user-perceived experience can be attained when the usual app QA testing is coupled with a series of experience-focused testing on both mobile and non-mobile devices that are connected to real networks. Our recent blog discussed how testing is beyond identifying the right device farms but importantly, monitoring your app performance to proactively detect responsiveness and streaming issues before the users experience it themselves.

What are the challenges in testing on non-mobile devices?

Testing on non-mobile phones is different from testing on mobile phones. Here’s why:

  • Devices do not have a touchscreen and all interactions are usually through remote control.
  • The screen is in landscape orientation only.
  • It may or may not have a USB interface.
  • Continuous Integration with DevOps workflow is a challenge.
  • Most device cloud platforms do not support non-smartphone devices or have a limited device make-model that may not match the target device to be tested.

So how do you overcome those challenges and test on non-mobile devices?

As a solution to the most recognized challenges expressed above, the MOZARK platform offers following advantages to test on non-mobile devices freely:

  • Hassle-free onboarding of your own devices to MOZARK’s cloud testing solution.
  • Works well for devices with or without a USB interface.
  • Once onboard, easily select multiple devices and execute test automation.
  • Completely configurable test automation setup that suits all your testing needs.
  • Convenient continuous testing is convenient on any device through our cloud testing platform.

Ensure your app’s maximum compatibility to any device type. Measure the User Experience continuously in your device, which is deployed at the location of your choice and is connected to network you want to test on. See how it performs and address all bottlenecks to deliver an uninterrupted streaming experience.

With billions of potential subscribers around the world, keep up with the current trends and maximize your OTT apps to fit your market’s ever-changing needs. Testing your application without strategy could be a misuse of resources and time.

The competition is always getting tougher as we all continue to improve and move progressively. OTT players today already plan to rank highest against peers. There’s no time to lose! Make your testing comprehensive today by using MOZARK’s platform and bring your own non-mobile devices for testing.

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Written By

Chandrasekar Ramamoorthy and Sourabh Chowdhury