A slew of digital transformation is taking place across all business functions such as e-commerce, healthcare, POS, banking, retail, sports, and the list is endless. Moreover, the global digital transformation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.3% between 2018 and 2025.

The mercurial nature of the digitally driven business environment calls for speedy and relentless product launches without compromising on user experience and features. And hence the priorities are shifting for such development and testing organizations. Firms in the digital transformation solution space are facing some inadvertent QA challenges as depicted in the following chart.

Figure 1: Firms in the digital transformation solution space(%) facing QA challenges
(Source: Infostretch.com)

Not having a testing infrastructure that can withstand the QA challenges and test fast will mean the end of the road for any company that is willing to take the transformation train.

Such businesses can carve a niche for themselves by ensuring a robust QA process for every product release. To achieve this, MOZARK Application Testing platform acts as a panacea for all the QA challenges faced by the enterprises in the digital transformation solution space.

MOZARK Application Testing platform facilitates a test bed of real and on-cloud devices in real network conditions so that the firms can test on right devices. Therefore, MOZARK Application testing platform solves the problem of unavailability of real devices in real network conditions for such enterprises. This compatibility test indirectly evaluates customer experience and assures business apart from assuring the quality of the product for the companies. With its wide device diversity in multiple locations and in real network conditions, MOZARK Application Testing platform cracks one of the challenges that 50% of the firms in the digital transformation solution space face.

MOZARK Application Testing platform is an answer to the automation needs of 50% of the startups in digital transformation solution space as crunching release cycles and lack of enough time for testing at hand necessitates the automation of the tests going forward. In addition to simplifying the automation needs of these enterprises, MOZARK Application Testing platform resolves the problem of availability of expensive QA resources by providing simple and industry first pricing plans.

It is also possible to use APIs to integrate MOZARK Application Testing platform with CI/CD tools, issue management portal, test case management portal and messaging channels and raise pre-configured bugs report directly from the portal. Nevertheless, MOZARK Application Testing platform simplifies integration with Jenkins/JIRA/Slack/TestRail and acts like an integrated test case management module to assist in managing a firm’s testing teams. Hence MOZARK Application Testing platform makes it possible for more than a quarter of such firms to integrate third party tools such as JIRA/TestRail/Jenkins and manage QA teams remotely.

Moreover, MOZARK Application Testing platform provides an easy way to review your results in the form of a drill down analytics dashboard to quickly find failures for automation tests. It provides analysis for every different customer (it can be viewed as a different app project), continuous monitoring, and feedback.

Hence, MOZARK Application Testing platform is an on-demand test environment to increase a firm’s agility.

The positive impact of test automation on an organization’s brand reputation will be huge and an organization can quantify the impact in terms of revenues, good reviews, enhanced customer service and engagement and sustained clientele along with the reduction in their operational costs in development and QA.

Automation testing tools such as MOZARK Application Testing platform are not only desirable, but in fact mandatory if firms want to manage spiraling test volumes at increased speeds and reap yields on their digital transformation endeavors.

Written By

Neha Gupta & Sourabh Chowdhury