Today, any online presence requires a business to create and maintain a complex, distributed application that is constantly available, very fast, and provides a seamless experience across locations, devices, and networks.

It is inevitable that longer load time increases abandonment rate and decreases user engagement for mobile apps as can be seen from the below graph. The delay experienced due to longer load time is coined as Network Latency. Network Latency drastically affects a user’s engagement and can cut directly into profits.

It is a no brainer from the below chart that a poor mobile app experience means the end of the game for businesses. Users can uninstall apps and actively switch to a competitor which is having low latency as can be seen from the below data. At times consumers leave negative reviews about the mobile apps that crashed, or if the home page never loaded. It deteriorates both the business and its image in the market. It becomes prudent for the mobile app owners to ensure a latency-free experience to their customers and to not attract any kind of negative reviews on the app store or any of the online platforms.

One should also be cognizant of the fact that how latency can affect different players across different industries. Take an e-commerce player such as Amazon, network latency of 100ms can cost 1% of its sales. The world brokerage could lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if the electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition.

It becomes imperative for the firms to get some actionable insights to address network latency. If the slow load time is due to un-optimized encrypted connections or due to chatty conversations or due to delays between the network requests. A mobile app owner can diagnose the reasons behind the app’s degrading performance. With MOZARK Application Testing platform, it becomes easy to note down what went wrong in the network.

In nutshell, there are different reasons why an app loses out in the speed factor or does not perform up to the mark, so one must identify the exact problem or get actionable insights using tools such as MOZARK Application Testing platform and solve them as soon as possible to drive user engagement and record profits.

Written By

Neha Gupta & Sourabh Chowdhury