State of Digital Banking Experience in the Philippines

Philippines, December 2021

In the Philippines, the adoption rate of mobile banking increased when the pandemic came as an uninvited guest worldwide. Due to the limitations in going to brick and mortar stores and physical banks, people were accustomed to doing things online. Hence, new transacting behavior and habits developed over the past years for convenience, relying on online and mobile banking. The question is, do the apps today offer a fast and convenient banking experience?

This whitepaper assesses the quality of experience delivered by the most popular banks in the Philippines. It includes measuring the banking application’s critical user journey. We also provided relevant insights to help mobile banking apps strategically design their platform for smooth functioning in any location and network.

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What’s Inside?

  • Study on app user experience in Philippines banking applications
  • Variations and benchmark of user experience across apps
  • Variations of banking app user experience across locations