State of Enterprise Connectivity

January 2021

Outsourcing industry has seen a consistent annual growth of 10% since 2014. The industry is still optimistic that processes shall be outsourced to humans and not machines as per an industry report which states 80% logistics companies plan to increase their outsourcing budget by 5% in 2020. Call Centers, BPO addressing such customer requirements shall play a pivotal role in their long-term growth. However, successful implementation of these technologies depends on robust global and local connectivity. 

In this white paper, we assess the connectivity experience on international links that connect the BPO cities of India and the Philippines with the rest of the world and benchmark them to identify which market can deliver a better connectivity experience in 2020. Further, we test the performance of various conferencing apps and local networks that are helping BPOs run operations remotely.

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What’s Inside?

  • International links originating in India perform better.
  • Optimal network routing by Enterprises is key to improving latency.
  • Google Meet provides the best enterprise connectivity experience.