State of Video Streaming Experience

Covid-19 has resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic on video OTT platforms. As the quality of connectivity continues to improve with the spread of LTE & 5G networks, fibre broadband, this trend will continue and strengthen. However, the question remains as to whether users are currently able to enjoy a high quality of experience on these platforms enough for them to think of switching completely to these platforms from linear TV? In this whitepaper, we assess the quality of experience delivered by some of the top OTT platforms in India and asses if their responsiveness and streaming quality are consistent. We also offer a few areas that video platforms need to take into consideration when they design their app and content delivery architecture. We use our proprietary framework for assessing app experience called Application Quality Index (AQI) that provides a normalised metric to compare multiple video platforms.

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What’s Inside?

  • Introduction to Application Quality Index (AQI)
  • Assessment of Responsiveness and Streaming Quality of top OTTs
  • Key factors influencing the quality of apps and content delivery
  • About the MOZARK platform