Mobiles are on a phenomenal rise with a year on year growth rate of 56% for the period 2018-2024. And so are mobile apps. If a mobile app is released into the market, then there is not one specific mobile device that all your customers will be making use of. So, one of the challenges of mobile app testing is to take care of the fragmentation problem around these mobile devices. And the chart below shows a glimpse of the extent of fragmentation of iPhones and Androids across the globe.

Figure 1: Market Share – iOS and Android (Source:

If you plan to scale across countries, it is important to ensure that your product is compatible with your users’ mobile devices and OS versions. Though there are thousands of different mobile devices, only a handful dominate the sales chart.

By identifying your audience, you can test on the right devices and can address all your compatibility issues by using Mozark’s Application Testing Platform, an easy-to-use interface for testing your products for different devices and OS versions in one go with cross-platform consistency to improve the overall digital customer experience.

Mozark’s Application Testing Platform provides on-field and on-cloud devices, makes testing possible on real devices connected to real mobile networks and access to a long tail of device make and model connected to Wi-Fi. Mozark’s Application Testing Platform works on top of other device clouds such as MOZARK and AWS.

MOZARK device cloud comprises real devices with embedded SIMs in wireless, real-world conditions across 30+ cities globally.

The devices with embedded SIMs help in validating the OTP flows and similar such use cases. AWS device farm contains 2500+ on-cloud devices. Such a diverse set of devices help in validating the compatibility of your product across different make and model.

By facilitating testing on top of these real devices and real network conditions, Mozark’s Application Testing Platform helps in focusing on developing a great experience for the users by resolving the bugs before the mobile apps are released and operated across different devices and hence preventing any possibility of negative reviews about the product due to the fragmentation of mobile devices.

Written By

Neha Gupta & Sourabh Chowdhury