In the new world of remote collaboration where remote working, e-learning, and other kinds of virtual engagement are all made possible with productivity apps, the smoothness with which such apps operate and the experience of using them become utmost Important in ensuring high productivity. Simple tasks like transferring documents, sharing screens and attending that Important “Zoom” call can become a nightmare If productivity apps, that are enabling these services, malfunction.

At MOZARK, we discern the need for applications to ensure that their platform is in good shape, ready to accommodate and earn the trust of customers. To assess the readiness of prominent productivity apps, we tested Zoom, Google Meet, BlueJeans, Teams, Google Drive, OneDrive etc. on our platform and benchmarked their performance.

MOZARK’s application assurance platform specializes in:

  • Functional testing, and
  • Performance/Experience testing

And a combination of these helps productivity apps position themselves to assure best In class experience.

Functional Testing:

MOZARK’s Automation Testing platform, also called “App Functional”, provides a range of devices (over 2000+) through our partner device farms and MOZARK devices, which are spread In over 30+ cities around the world. In India Itself, we have devices in ~5 cities thus covering locations across tiers. The platform requires users to write Automation test scripts, which can be written in any popular framework like Appium and language like Java or Python.

Automation testing ensures a robust regression before any build release. With substantial fragmentation and variation across android and iOS devices, it is key that such tests are run on a wide range of real devices before the release of any build.

Typical test cases for cloud storage apps would be authentication or access related test cases, rights management test cases, upload/download test cases of various file types, folder structure related test cases, and atomicity test cases e.g. multiple updates at the same time.

Figure: Screenshots of “App Functional”

Engineers looking to manually assess specific user journeys can perform tests on the App Interact platform. They can login to devices provided by MOZARK remotely and run their build to ensure the changes they have made are working. MOZARK’s unique proposition is that such devices can be made available in the city of choice of the user. Thus, if a majority of the apps’ customers are going to be from Tier 2 or 3 city, we can provide devices in these location to let testers get an accurate view of their app’s performance.

Figure: Screenshots of “App Interact”

Performance/Experience Testing:

Latency of user actions is a key driver of engagement on apps. In the case of productivity that is especially critical. A poor upload or download experience can lead to abandonment of action and eventually a churn. Understanding the app experience under different network conditions is very important.

MOZARK’s App Experience platform can continuously measure such latencies of key user journeys on the app and provide highly accurate view of the app experience. The KPIs can also be benchmarked against peers to get a relative positioning of your app.

It is also important to simulate load in the backend and run these tests to understand how the client performance varies in different load conditions. Below is an actual assessment of Google Meet as an example.

Figure: Testing of Google Meet using “App Experience”

Be it video conferencing, data sharing or messaging, customers have several productivity apps In each category available at their disposal and their choice are driven by the Quality of Experience on them. Hence, it is important to fine tune your application and prepare to deliver excellent QoE, which often guarantees high product marketability. As application owners and drivers, it is your duty to establish the trust of users, keeping them in a perspective that using your application Is highly convenient.

There’s no time to lose, reach us and let’s talk about how we can help you inimproving your applications performance and functionality. Drop In your details below and we will arrange a call back.

Written By

Sourabh Chowdhury